iconThe Team

Louis Tristan

Project Manager / Quality Assurance / Freelance Developer at Web Solutions2/ ACX Narrator
The Web Solutions2 mastermind.  Certified in Web Development, Project Manger and backbone to the team, who helps to build it all. Also known as CSS Guy.

Brigid Mcgivern

Lead Production Designer/Illustrator, Branding Specialist and Web Developer
There’s no vision that can’t be brought to life with Brigid’s depth, creativity and perception. And whatever you’re wearing, she may have designed it.
Mitch Lemus

Senior Copywriter – Digital & Integrated Advertising
Not sure what to say or how to say it? Words and copyright are Mitch’s specialty. Say it so they remember it. Also known as Wordsmyth. 
Ahmad Amin

Entrepreneur/Freelance Web Developer with over 6 years of experience utilizing LAMP, Zend Framework, jQuery & more.
Nothing he can’t build, design or program. An expert in MySQL and all things backend. Also known as Programmer Extraordinaire Guy.
Samara Sweig

Lead Contract Consultant /Strategic Partnerships Manager.
We all like new projects! However building and developing relationships is just as important too just like coding. Also known as the Business Dev Gal.

Eric Davis

Associate Network Engineer at Rockefeller University & Tech Consultant for network expansion
Specializes in VPN Networks, customized VIOP, and any network of 200 or more computers, Eric is the best in his field. Also known as the Time Traveller Guy.
Sal Sabaj

Former Production Manager, Creative Services at Coty US LLC
If you bought it in a store, chances are Sal designed it. From Lipton Ice Tea to your favorite dessert. Also known as the Power House Designer.

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